Inconsistencies in the Lab and Gui

The Lab is TSVB exercise 4.2

Instruction is

However when attempting to do this in the interface it does not allow it. The section is grayed out.

I can clearly see in the Video Example that the demonstration shows it is on the client they are using...

Yet this option is grayed out in mine.

This also happened when I attempted to do the Math Aggregation immediately after that. This one I cannot even do...

Again the Math Aggregation is also grayed out.

Hello @Silverquick,

You should select "Add Metric"

It seems that you were using "Add Series" instead:

Will attempt that.

However found another issue with Coursework...

Lab 5.3 has no link to download the GeoJSON. It appears to have gone missing.

You can download the file here:

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