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I have been working in Elasticsearch and Kibana since few months, I got a requirement to build a Moving Average visualization with Time data. when I had tried create the same, facing some difficulties,
I need to create a visualization by showing 10 days moving average with Date and Time data. Kindly anyone can help me out here

Hi @Rizin_Hussain. The TSVB visualization supports Moving Average aggregations.


Thanks nick !!! I have few more confusions, Kindly clarify
When you say Moving average can be achieved using Time Series Visualization, Is this mandatory to configure that particular field(time representation field) as a timestamp while creating the Index Pattern?

I have found during my investigation, there is a aggregation method as 'Moving Average' in the Line type visualization, but did not able to find the way to specify the window size. Kindly guide me through.

Hi @Rizin_Hussain. Yes, it also possible to do a Moving Average with the line visualization. I think what you will want to do is add a Date Histogram bucket on the X-Axis which will allow you to specify the window size as a "Minimum Interval".

I have tried to do the same, but did not find any field to specify the Window Size. attached screenshot.

Hi @Rizin_Hussain. My apologies, I misunderstood the question. It seems the only way to change the default window size (5) is by customizing the JSON Input for the Y Axis as mentioned in this issue.

I have tested this in 7.5.2 and it appears to work.

ok, Thanks nick !!! Got your answer.

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