How to visualize a simple query

I'm looking at your moving averages reference and would like an easy way to run similar queries and have the results graphed. Kibana gives me these options

  1. The console in DevTools is the ideal query writing tool however you can only view JSON results.
  2. The Visualize tab gives you the ability to produce many graphs but your limited to building queries with their form. And I don't see moving avg as an option in its form.
  3. Timelion, ok we do options for moving averages but I need to write JSON queries.

So is there a way to write JSON queries and visualize the results in Kibana? The graphs in these articles appear to be from kibana.

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Hi @jspooner,

you'll be able to make visualizations with the moving average aggregation, starting from the next minor Kibana release 5.4.

You'll be able to do this in the Visualize application for regular line and bar charts: cf:

5.4 also introduces the Time Series Visual Builder, a new UI for creating a time series visualization. This one too gives you access to the Moving Average metric:

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