Inconsistent backup status between _all and _status view

Hey all,

in ES 1.3.2, on a 3 nodes cluster, it seems that when I get the _all list
of snapshots (/_snapshot/my_backup/_all), they are all successful:

"shards": {
"failed": 0,
"successful": 2035,
"total": 2035
"snapshot": "backup-dev-20141110-152900",
"start_time": "2014-11-10T23:29:43.436Z",
"start_time_in_millis": 1415662183436,
"state": "SUCCESS"

However, when asking for the _status of the specific label: # curl -s -XGET
King][inet[/]][cluster/snapshot/status]]; nested:
IndexShardRestoreFailedException[[3_v3_2014-11-03][0] failed to read shard
snapshot file]; nested:
(No such file or directory)]; ","status":500}

Is this expected (maybe status digs deeper and checks for files presence
before returning success) or should I open a bug? Thanks in advance...

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