Incorrect data display in TSVB

Hi there,

I have a TSVB plot: logins count are blue, games count are green.
However in some periods I see 0 logins, while games count is more than 0:

And when I display data from the same period (from 10th to 12th of November) on TSVB and on Timelion, I get different results: 0 logins in TSVB and 277 logins in Timelion (games count is the same).
TSVB results:

Timelion results:

Why is it?

can you try toggling the "drop partial bucket" setting in TSVB? That is usually the main difference between TSVB and Timelion.

Oh, I've already found the solution: there was an offset_time (1d).

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