Kibana visualization TSVB not showing entire data and gives error

Hello All,

I'm trying create a tsvb in which I need to get data for ex: from past 9 months and while selecting
the time range I get below error,Mostly I'm facing this issue due to TSVB only.I've a dashboard considering multiple visulization and only for TSVB visulization I get this error.
In below image if I select Panel option and if I choose "Interval" - auto,works fine but if interval is
greater than any minutue,ex 2 min gets below error.

Though my reporting data is not coming from TSVB but these are embedded in dashboard and when user selects the timerange everything works well but All TSVB gives below error.

Kindly can someone suggest how can this be solved.This happens for all TSVB
ELK version 7.9.1


use >=2m

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