TSVB Timeline missing

Displaying more than 2 days from the time picker selection will make the timeline go missing on the TSVB visualizations.

Is there a fix to this?

This sounds like the following bug: https://github.com/elastic/kibana/issues/70956

It's fixed from version 7.9 onwards


Thanks, it does sound similar.

I have tested 7.9 and can confirm its slightly better, however in the sense I can see the timeline up to 7 days now. Anything more than 7 days, it will have the same issue presented. I wonder if its a limitation of aggregation issue? configuration, memory etc?

Hi @isarib What aggregations are you doing?

Here are 2 images of 7.9.1 different window sizes... looks good to me... perhaps I am not understanding.

14 Days
I did both auto and 1h interval both looked good, perhaps fix is in 7.9.1

Hi Stephenb,

Thanks for testing this out. That does look promising.

I might need to update to 7.9.1 and check again.

What aggregations? Basically this dashboard consists of several visualizations, mixed with TSVB, Timelion, Gauges and Bar charts. Each of which do some calculations against each of the handful of values to formulate the visuals. Samples are 5 minutely, so 2 weeks display can be considered expensive?

Does that mean the data is collected at 5 min intervals or does that mean the aggregation buckets are 5 min intervals which is about 4K buckets for 2 weeks.which might be a tad high....

Data is collected every 5 minutes, and the buckets are at 5 minute intervals.

It is rather granular. I have just messed with it, and set it from 5 minute intervals to Auto - and the Timeline is displayed for the last 2 weeks...

Further tests also shows that 60min intervals is good!

More testing has been done, and in this screenshot I have the top displaying 5min interval buckets, where as the bottom display shows 60min interval bucket. That kind of resolves the timeline missing issue, though now my calculations are messed up since.

Taking note my ingestion is at 5 minute samples.

What aggregation are you doing curious... Aggs like Sum will be bigger with bigger buckets where Avg will be more consistent.

Depending on which there may be some math you can do in TSVB to get it to display how you want

Just testing 7.9.1, and can confirm I can display the data correctly with the time line displaying as far back as 7 days. Any more, and it will go missing.

The aggregations were a SUM. With a Time sample of 5 minutes, and Intervals set at 5 minutes, then the SUM of that is just on itself really(hence data is not accumulating).

But if the intervals were set at say 1 Hour, then the SUM of that is 5 minute samples x 12 which would put values out.

Hope I'm making sense.

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