TSVB Timeline partially missing 30min intervals when Interval set to auto

I noticed what may seem like a bug. I have the interval:auto set, and it looks like the TSVB timeline goes partially missing when you Time Pick Last 2-3 Days, as the timeline uses per 30min intervals.

If you Time Pick Last 1 Days, the timeline will display per 10 Minute intervals fine. Same as when you select Time Picker Last 7 Days, the timeline will display per 60 Minute intervals fine.

There is just some bug in the per 30 minute intervals.

Has anyone experienced this?

Imran, thanks, which version are you running on?

Just had a chat with @markov00, it was a bug that got fixed by v7.9 https://github.com/elastic/kibana/pull/70981 so it's likely that the issue is that only the earliest instance of each tick value (eg. 18:00) is kept, and the ticks show up for the last day if just the last day is retained


We are using 7.9.1. The buckets is not expensive, so I stand to believe it to be still an issue with this release?

Imran, if it happens to you in 7.9.1 then could you please file a bug report in the repo, linking this thread, and adding the ticket link here?

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