Explore underlying data issue for TSVB (Bar Chart 1M intervals)

Hello! Is there a way to workaround this bug?
Maybe it was fixed in recent versions?

In TSVB visual I have a bar chart, with timeline interval set to 1 month.
Add visual to dashboard, switch to view mode in dashboard.
Click on any bar from this TSVB visual (representing month worth of data), click "Explore underlying data".
Expected behaviour: open Discover focusing on correct data (query, filters and timeline - according selected bar).

Issue: timeline range is limited to 1 day only, instead of expected 1 month.
Same happens, with any interval >1d specified in TSVB panel settings (1w, 1M, 1y).

When interval is set to auto - seems to be working OK.

P.S. Kibana and Elasticsearch v7.16.2

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