Partial/ Incorrect data displayed in tsvb

I'm trying to visualize metricbeat data using TSVB , for any time interval selected, I get incorrect or partial view with '-' (dashes) as shown below :

My Current Configuration :

Is there a specific reason that causes this kind of display? Please help me with this..

@BitBucketUser_user I believe you are running into our most frequently asked question with TSVB. Try using "Entire time range" mode instead: TSVB | Kibana Guide [7.12] | Elastic

Thanks for the solution, it works! but is there a specific reason why it shows partial data in "last value" mode even though there was enough data coming every milli second

Starting in 7.13 we have clarified what "last value" mode does and made "entire time range" the default mode. "Last value" mode will only show data from the most recent interval of data, which means it's ignoring the majority of the data in your time range. So if you have 7 days of data but your interval is 1 day, "last value" will show only one day.

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