Incorrect default index pattern for metricbeats?

We are using metricbeats 7.4.2 (also seen on 7.4.0) and with an elastic cluster that support index lifecycle management. According to metricbeats documentation, because ilm is enabled, the created index name is metricbeat-7.4.2 instead of a daily index such as metricbeat-7.4.2-date-0001. However, the index pattern that is created alongside the auto generated index template is metricbeat-7.4.0-*, thus not matching metricbeat-7.4.2 index and therefore the default generated ilm policy will not attach to the index. Is the auto generated template and associated matching index incorrect, or am I missing something here?

Index templates:


Note: ILM settings such as on this page are all defaults and unchanged.


Happened to me too.
Both on metricbeat 7.3.2 and 7.4.2.
I had to delete the index and restart metricbeat to get it creating the right index.
Still, i don't know what's causing the issue.


One thing I have noticed is it does not seem to be consistent if it will name the index metricbeat-7.4.2 or metricbeat-7.4.2-date-0001. Just been testing deleting the index and randomly it will be recreated with metricbeat-7.4.2-date-0001, but the majority of the time it will create metricbeat-7.4.2.

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