Incorrect population of Empty fields

Hi Team,
I have very unique problem here, i have created a new index for a csv file(separated by "|") and was successful in indexing around 17k messages. Now if you look at my message structure(provided below) there are certain empty field in them.

Message Format:

LogLevel|type|reqHeadersString|statusCode|MesErrorCode|userId|conditionFlow| clientIp| UserId |browser|Payload Response

most of messages(aroung 16k) messages dosen't have StatusCode and MEsErrorCode in them,the log messages just has some empty pipes(loglevel||||||clinetip|userid|browser|payloadresponse) and these messages are clearly visible in discover page.

But i tried to visualize my messages based on the term filter(MesErrorCode), I could only see around 27 messages which has empty MesErrorCode in them. Not sure why remaining messages are missed here.

Hi All,
Please Ignore this, I got to know reason behind this. Thanks.

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