Incorrect time in @timestamp field


I have some odd problem with @timestamp field in my indices which include incorrect time i.e. minus two hours. Logstash should populate time to @timestamp from logs on the base of this:

if ("" in [hi.my_date]) {
  date {
  	match => ["hi.my_date", "YYYY-MM-dd'T'HH:mm:ss.SSS"]
  	timezonde => "Europe/Warsaw"
  	target => "@timestamp"

What is wrong in my configuration? Is there anything I don't know about the @timestamp field?

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@timestamp will be always stoted in UTC at Elasticsearch index level
What's the issue ?

@ylasri ok, it is clear now for me. I didn't know about it.
Where is it described in the Elasticsearch documentation? Could you give me some link to the Elasticsearch documentation which describe it, please? Thanks

Check it here

@ylasri thanks a lot

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