Incremental snapshots - how do they they work

Ive googled around and see this is a common question but without a very clear answer.

My situation -

I need backups to run automatically
I need to purge those output files on a rolling basis say by # of days or # of snapshots
Each run of a snapshots will get a unique name
I do not want to have full copies of all the data for each run

My best guess on how this could work being incremental

snapshotday1 create 10g
snapshotday2 add 1g - now 11g
snapshotday3 add 1g - now 12g
snapshotday4 add 1g - now 13g

space on disk is only 13g

snapshotday4 is not dependent on 1-3, other than there may be older data I could want to restore from 1-3

Is this the way ES snapshot works?

This blog post describes how it works quite well, even though it is getting a bit old.

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