Index.auto_expand_replicas clarification

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tried to find the answer but failed, thus decided to give a question a try
Generally the question is simple: what goal does the
index.auto_expand_replicas setting serve? From code it looks like if
current number of index replicas is within the range specified in
index.auto_expand_replicas, cluster is updating index.number_of_replicas
index settings to current number of available replicas.

What's unclear though is:

  • how does it act along with index.number_of_replicas config setting - are
    indices still automatically replicated to index.number_of_replicas if node
    with one of the replicas goes down?
  • let's consider the situation when I have index.number_of_replicas set to
    3, and index.auto_expand_replicas set to "2-5". What would happen if I lose
    one node, so number of active replicas for some index drops to 2. Will it
    be automatically replicated right away or only when I loose another node
    and number of index replicas drops to 1?


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