Index_buffer_size settings for static indices


do you have some experience in setting up min_index_buffer_size
and max_index_buffer_size for static indices?

In my setup 1 index per month is created:


ES is running is a cluster with 4 servers and each index has 4 shards.
Currently there exists 30 indices, 240 shards (including replicas).

Each ES instance has 16GB memory.

If I understand the docs right
index_buffer_size is set to 10% by default and this 10% is divided to all

That means: 10% of 16GB = 1,6GB / 240 shards = ~7MB per shard

Now the older indices are static and don't need too much memory. Is it a
good idea to increase - if possible - the index buffer size for the latest
index and decrease the index buffer size for static indices?


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