Index curation

I use APM with python and it's really a great tools especially for celery! Great thanks for this tools :partying_face:

Just one question is there something integrated to curate the indices so far I use curator to remove the old data and reindex in monthly indices. Maybe there's configuration options I mess.

Sorry if there was something in the documentation, but so far I found nothing about.

Have a look at ILM -

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Thanks for the reply I already know about ILM.

My question was not correctly written I though more about an option inside APM to set the number of indices we want to keep or a default settings, like monitoring indices that are kept 7 days by default.

But there's no settings panel/options for APM :sweat_smile:

@gabriel_tessier you haven't missed it, we're working on ILM integration but it's not automatically set up by apm-server yet. In the meantime, manual index lifecycle management is documented if you'd prefer that to your current curator setup. You can expect apm-server to set this up for you in the future.


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