Index data storage into a cluster

I have an elasticsearch cluster with 3 nodes where the elasticsearch service is installed on each node.

When I check the cluster health and the index on each node, I can see that the cluster is green and that the 25GB index is present on each node.

But when I look in the files of each node where the index is stored, I see that the index data is present on 2 nodes, whereas on the 3rd node, when I go to the files where the index is stored, there is 0GB of data.

How can I get the 3rd node to store the index data as well?

What are the index setting that you use in indexes and datastreams?
If you set number of replicas to 3 you should see the data in 3 nodes

If you set the number of replicas to 2. :blush:

My bad *2 replica, thank you @dadoonet

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