Index disk size issue


We are using the Elasticsearch version 7.9.3
We have two Elasticsearch cluster with the same configuration. Which is storing some data. We are periodically updating the data in both clusters. e.g. adding newdata, removing old data, etc. but when we compare the data size between both the clusters one cluster is having almost three times more size than the other cluster.

any insight is appreciated.

Can you share the number of documents in both clusters and the blueprint/template of the document in your index?

Show Us the Output of this command from each of the clusters

GET /_cat/indices/m*?v&

Also @DineshNaik is right on asking of the mapping / templates are the same... in each cluster...

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hi @DineshNaik @stephenb thanks for your reply. Actually, it is resolved the issue with compression. We have checked the index setting on both the clusters and found that compression was not configured for some indices on that cluster.


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