Index empty after server reboot

The server running ElasticSearch 6.5.4 was rebooted. After reboot and re-launcing ElasticSearch and Kibana I can see the index under management, however they show 0 documents as though the index wasn't run.

Under nodes>indices I can see the 8.5GB of indices that were there before, however the 2million documents are now missing.

Any help is greatly appreciate, I am new to ElasticSearch.

Thank you!

Can you share some more details, such as the log messages from Elasticsearch from the time of the reboot (and a bit before if possible) and the output of GET _cat/shards and GET _cat/nodes?


Thank you for getting back to me. Your commands lead me to run curl -XGET localhost:9200/_cluster/allocation/explain?pretty

Which showed a permissions issue. I have this running on a Windows server and had to launch elasticsearch as admin

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