Index filtering on more than a * wildcard

As the event times index patterns are now deprecated we've been trying to migrate across to replacing them with wildcards. At the moment this is not working well, we have a number of clusters used by a number of different groups and we're finding that tags are often appended to indices with timestamps when they're reindexed or similar.



There are a number of reasons these indices are required and they're usually named in such a way to make use of existing index templates.

Is there going to be a way in the future to support more prescriptive index patterns other than just a wildcard *, or is there a way to do it today?

To be more precise I'd like to be able to define a pattern that matches only
finance-logs-YYYY.MM.DD and excludes indices with strings appended to them e.g. finance-logs-2016.02.03-temp

Github issue created as suggested, this should be a feature of Elasticsearch.

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