Index getting deleted

Is there any reason for Index getting deleted by itself. This index is heavier than the others (size = 300mb , rows= 100,000 +). Is there any mechanism that clears the index periodically.
Or in any case , can the index deleted automatically.

Thanks in Advance

Hi @aneesh,

index life cycle management does have features to allow deleting an index. See: for details.

I am not entirely sure if your question is based on lost data/index or because you would like an automated cleanup of data? In the former case, please elaborate on the symptoms.

Thanks for reply.
I asked this because we had a loss of data.IndexDelete
Now if i see the log (as in screen it says the index deleting.
Does the log has information whether the index is deleted by application or by elasticsearch during index re-indexing or optimization or anything like that.
I have the following question as well that can help me finding the solution for this issue:

a) How this index got deleted (by any chance from elastic)
b)Why is it suggested to have minimum three nodes, Can the node configuration responsible for data deletion

Hi @aneesh,

Unless you had tracing or debugging enabled, I think the log will not contain further evidence on the source of the index delete request.

a: Only API index deletion and index life cycle management should be able to delete user controlled indexes (monitoring and ML do have some index deletion of internal indices). You can check your ILM policies using GET _ilm/policy, but these are only active if enabled on the indices as described in the ILM documentation linked to above.

b: 3 nodes is minimum to survive loosing one node (or disk) and ensures you can have continued operation through rolling restarts and upgrades. If you have only one node, you have no such safety, but assuming you have no hardware issues, data should still be stored. The number of nodes has no say in index deletion.

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