Can I delete some indices manually from elasticsearch to free up some space?

Hi All,

I have indices from 1st Feb in elasticsearch. Everyday there on average 4 indices. It has consumed 79 GB space out of 100GB.

Can I delete few of them to release space without impacting to anything?


Yes you can delete the indices you don't need anymore.

The index lifecycle management feature could also help you to automatically remove old indices.

Thank you for your reply.

Is there any impact of deleting few older indices manually?

Last time when I deleted some indices for other cluster, es service was not getting started. (may be there could be some other issue as well) but is there any known impact of deleting only few indices manually?

Also one more thing, is lifecycle management feature enabled by default? if yes, how can I check the current settings for it?

You can manually delete indices, but make sure you use the APIs.

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No it's not.

May be yes.. last time I did rm -rf on some indices not used API. May be that could be the issue.

Ok Thanks

Or I can use curator also to delete old indices automatically after some time?

You can but ILM is the new way to manage that.

Never, EVER manually remove Elasticsearch files directly on the filesystem.
ALWAYS use the API.

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