Index Management

Hi, I am currently running out of storage on my Wazuh Server Hosted server. And from the search I found "/var/lib/wazuh-indexes/* " is consuming a lot of disk space.
First Question, Will it be okay if I delete all the previous created indices?
Second Question, After deleting all the indices can I also retrieve the information that happened 180 days ago which I am able to see before deleting the indices?

Hi Suman,

Not sure about your use case. Need more details what exactly you want to achieve.

But basis on my understanding:

  1. Yes you can delete indices if you maintaining in time series manner. Deleting index will release the space.
  2. If you have delete those index which holding 180 days before data, It won't be accessible.

Thank you ashish for the assist I will make sure to leave a message here after I find any other alternatives.

When deleting data from Elasticsearch, make sure to use the Elasticsearch APIs. Never ever delete anything directly on disk.

Sure, thank you I will come back to you once I take this step as a final resort.

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