Index health status coming as 'red*'

Using ES 6.5.4
I am using NEST query that basically looks for cat indices for my client and gets health status for all the indices. The expected health statuses are green, yellow and red.
However, for one of my lower environment, index health status is coming up as 'red*' for one of the current day index.
On checking cluster, I could see that the health status was showing as green at that time.
Can someone please help me as to why am I getting 'red*' as health status .

Can you share the output you get from running these two commands in Kibana Dev Tools?

GET _cat/health?v
GET _cluster/allocation/explain

@val Shared output as asked.

Thanks but as you can see your cluster is green right now. You should call those two commands when the cluster is RED.

That's the problem. Cluster doesn't go red at all. That's why I am confused why it is showing up as red.

Where does it show up as red? When hitting which endpoint? Can you share the request/response?

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