Index issue returns empty

I am trying to create a scripted field that takes a integer status and returns a string status from a list.
the doc field returns an integer value and the list returns a string when I manually input an integer, but when I try to use the doc field as the index integer it returns an empty list.

def stat = ['unknown', 'onLine', 'onBattery', 'onSmartBoost', 'timedSleeping', 'softwareBypass', 'off', 'rebooting', 'switchedBypass', 'hardwareFailureBypass', 'sleepingUntilPowerReturn', 'onSmartTrim'];

the array --^

stat[doc[''].value -1];






[ "onSmartBoost", ...]


doc[''].value -1


[3, ...]

so my question is if I'm getting integers for the doc and integers work as an index for the list why do I get an empty list?

Hey Greg, thanks for your request and welcome to our community.

It can maybe a problem of wrong data type and you should cast to int the value, can you please tell me the mappings for that document value?

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