Index level permissioning using searchguard

Hi All,

I am testing community version of searchguard5. I have setup permissions and visualizations as below:

UserA has permission only for index=data-full-*
UserB has permission only index=data-partial-*

Now I have created generic visualizations with index-pattern=data-*.

Now I am trying access data using UserA but no data is being displayed but showing error userA doesn't have access. This is because UserA doesn't have permission for data-partial*

Similarly UserB also doesn't see any data as he doen't have access to data-full*

Help Needed:
Is there any way to access all permissioned data with generic index data-* instead throwing error and not displaying content at all?

Any other solution please?

[I am trying another way now meanwhile:
have only one index=data-*
create alias data-alias1-* which is filtered alias

now I will give permissions userA to index and userb to alias. Now sure if this work if anyone explore in this space. Thanks for your help in advance. ]

You may have better results finding help in searchguard's forums/github page/email list, or whatever they provide. SearchGuard is not in any way affiliated with, or these forums.

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