Index Life cycle policy

Hello Team,

I want to apply index life cycle policy on my indices. My index name is filebeat-*. I have created life cycle policies that i need to delete indices which are older then 10 days. But when i am trying to attache index with this policy my index filebeat-* is not listed there.
My index is using timestamp so indices are created on the basis of date. One for each day.
Please refer the below screenshot:


Can you please help me how we can see our index in this list so i can add that index into policy?


Hello Team,

Can you please help me on above issue?


You cannot apply the policy directly to an index.

You can only apply it to an index template. Have you created any index templates? If not, then you might have to create a template first, define the pattern for which the template should be used and then go from there.

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