Index Lifecycle Error - Not Write Index

Hello guys, i tried to implement an ilm-policy.
Now i always get the following error:

illegal_argument_exception: source alias [Syslog] does not point to a write index

Now, i don't really get how i make this index my write index. Anybody got an idea how to solve this, without loosing data?


Hi Moritz,

When you created the index, did you already create the alias and mark this index as the "write index" for the alias? This error is stating that the alias exists, but that it doesn't have a designated "write index".

How did you create the alias?

I've created the index the following:

PUT logstash-vmw-000001
  "aliases": {
  "Syslog": { "is_write_index": true } 

I haven't set any shards counts or other settings, since i want to get the ILM to work before that.

Interesting, what does this return:

GET /logstash-vmw-000001

So i got to fix it now. I messed up big times.
My predecessor put in the alias "Syslog" in both the template for logstash* & for the ILM, after my post i repeatedly got the error that the "alias was found in a template and therefore doubled". I deleted the Alias from the Index-Template, and finally i change my "Index => " Config in my logstash.conf file to the Alias which i would assign later on as my ILM Alias, then i again opened a new Index (deleted the old logstash-vmw-000001) Now it's all working!

Thanks anyway!

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