Index Lifecycle Policy does not work

Hi, I am not sure if I understand the Index Lifecycle policy correctly

Currently my index's size is over 20GB

I have set the rollover to trigger as soon as the shard is greater than 15GB

And move the index to delete pharse after 3 days from rollover

I expect as soon as the index size reach to 15GB, another new index is created and starts indexing new doc into that new index. But now it turns out, the index which has size over 15GB still be indexing data...

Could anyone help me out?

Your index has 2 shards, one primary and one replica. Given that your index size is 24.6GB, that probably means your shard size is around 12.3GB, which is below the 15GB threshold.

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@Christian_Dahlqvist That makes sense! Thank you so much!

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