Index Lifecycle Policy getting assigned even after ILM is turned off

I created an ILP and was able to succesfully add it. I no longer need the ILP so what I did is:

  1. removed the ILP from the index (POST index/_ilm/remove)
  2. turned off ILM (POST _ilm/stop)
  3. deleted the ILP completely

I have restarted the nodes since then, however, newly created indices are still getting assigned with the ILP. I have confirmed that the ILM is turned off and that the ILP no longer exist (GET _ilm/policy).

Why is it still getting assigned? How do I remove the ILP completely? How do I stop the ILP from getting assigned to the new indices?


Hi VeeT,

It sounds like you have a template configured to automatically set the setting on newly created indices. If you check your templates (GET /_template) you should be able to see for sure.

Hi dakrone. Ah, yes. I still have the template. So once I delete the template, then it shouldn't be applied anymore, correct?

Yep, you can either delete it or change it not to include the setting.

Thanks Lee

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