Index list structure using Groovy API

Hello guys,

I'm looking forward to index a list using Elasticsearch Groovy API.

def indexR = client.index {
index "test"
type "type1"
id "1"
source {
test = "value"
complex {
value1 = "value1"
value2 = "value2"
list [{a},{b},{v}]

for example, i've tried to build the index dynamically, using a for loop:

enderecos [
for(int i = 0; i < instituicaoInstance.enderecos; i++){
Endereco enderecoInstance = instituicaoInstance.enderecos[i]
cep = "${enderecoInstance.cep}"
logradouro = "${enderecoInstance.logradouro}"
complemento = "${enderecoInstance.complemento}"
bairro = "${enderecoInstance.bairro}"
estado = "${enderecoInstance.estado}"
cidade = "${enderecoInstance.cidade}"
descricaoLocal = "${enderecoInstance.descricaoLocal}"
latitude = "${enderecoInstance.latitude}"
longitude = "${enderecoInstance.longitude}"

But the closure won't accept a for loop in the middle of the process.

So how can i do it so?

Thanks alot,

Daniel Marchena

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