[Index management] Only hot nodes : Does it makes sense?


I'm asking what is the better way to rotate my index. I heard about ILM policy.

I did some test but as I have only 3 data nodes, and as I want one replica, I can't have a Hot/Warm/Cold architecture because this would require 6 more nodes (a node can't be at the same time Hot, Warm and Cold)

So, currently, my ILM policy only works with hot nodes.

Does it makes sense to you ? Or does I have to find another solution ?

Thanks for your feedback !

Anyone ? :slight_smile:

A ot of users have clusters with only a single zone and ILM will still allow you to manage the ife cycle even though you do not relocate the indices to different sets of nodes, so this makes perfect sense.

Great news so ! Thank you Christian !

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