ILM for hot & warm nodes

From what I have read, it's best to setup indices base on time and let time determine which node to move the shards.
For example:
All shards within 1 month stay in hot and older than 1 month move the cold.

I want to have the following:

  1. hot nodes to hold only primary shards within 1 month. All replica shards within 1 month go to warm nodes.
  2. All shards longer than 1 month (primary & replicas) go to warm.

Does this work in the ILM model? I don't wish to create complicated routing rules since it'll be very hard to maintain. I just want to know if splitting primary & replicas is part of ILM design.

The reason I want this is to have all writes to go to hot nodes that are specialized in write. And all the reads go to warm nodes (including active indices within 1 month).
Basically, splitting nodes into groups of write & read within 1 cluster. Would this be possible?

*An implicit question is can I force read to only go to replicas?

Thanks in advance.

Yep, but ILM handles that for you, so you don't need to specifically use date based indices.

  1. You can only assign indices to hot or cold nodes. Replicas are still the same index, so have to have the same allocation rules applied. TLDR? You cannot do what you want there sorry
  2. Yes that's fine

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