Index.mapping.total_fields.limit is important only for query operations?


On next page I fount interesting statement regarding mapping total fields limit settings:

The maximum number of fields in an index. Field and object mappings, as well as field aliases count towards this limit. The default value is 1000 .
The limit is in place to prevent mappings and searches from becoming too large. Higher values can lead to performance degradations and memory issues, especially in clusters with a high load or few resources.
If you increase this setting, we recommend you also increase the indices.query.bool.max_clause_count setting, which limits the maximum number of boolean clauses in a query.

I just want to clarify this:
It's definitely not important for Lucene indexes, as each document field is the independent Lucene index.
I can assume that this settings makes sense only in case of performing query to search by all 1000 fields together. In this case I can understand the limit, I even think that it has to be even smaller. Even such queries is unbelievable for me =)
Anyway, could you please, add additional clarification for that notice.
Actually, I tried add this by myself:

But my PR was closed, and I'm not suer, that I'm not right.
The comments from PR:

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