Elasticsearch 7.7.1 Increasing index.mapping.total_fields.limit

I have read the below discussions

Can someone let me know,

  • How much approx memory overhead does a new field in index add to? So basically If I need to increase index.mapping.total_field.limit from the default 1000 (to let's say 3000) adding how much more resources (heap, nodes in cluster ) may help ?
  • If I am increasing index.mapping.total_field.limit then will it help if I move to Elasticsearch 7.10? I have gone through the release notes but could not locate anything. So just confirming.
  1. Depends on what sort of field it is. You'd really need to test it with your data
  2. Upgrading is always a good idea for general improvements, but unless the release notes specifically call out improvements in that area then there may not be a big boost

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