{index_name}/{shard_id}/_state directory is missing and {index_name}/{shard_id}/index directory is empty (all index files are gone) after a few nodes were restarted at the same time

I am using ElasticSearch version 1.5.0.

Our ElasticSearch cluster has 8 shards with 1 replica, hosted on 7 data
nodes + 1 master node with setting below:

gateway.recover_after_nodes: 4
gateway.recover_after_time: 5m
gateway.expected_nodes: 6

After a few nodes were restarted at the same time, 2 out of 7 shards (both
Primary and Replicat) are in UNASSIGNED status.
Here are my findings when I check the shards data folder for these 2

  1. {index_name}/{shard_id} only exists in 1 out of 7 data nodes. It should
    exist in 2 out of 7 data nodes since we have 1 replica setting.
  2. For {index_name}/{shard_id} which exists in one of the data nodes,
    {index_name}/{shard_id}/_state directory is missing
  3. For {index_name}/{shard_id} which exists in one of the data nodes,
    {index_name}/{shard_id}/index directory has 0 files -> all index files are

I am able to simulate this scenario after a few rounds of stopping and
the ElasticSearch cluster nodes (a few nodes at a time).
Is this a known issue that {index_name}/{shard_id}/_state directory and the
index files will be lost if the nodes are restarted during


Lee Chuen

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