Index pattern and size calculation for aggregating logs and metrics for hundreds microservices


We are going to provide elastic stack as service for our internal clients like micro service teams. We are expecting few hundred micro service team to consume elastic stack for application logs and application metrics. We are thinking of having index per micro service with roll over with condition of 5GB index size. I would like to know if it can be good approach to create index per service.

Also we want to measure how much is the index size per service per day. We want to calculate the size to make sure microservice team will not over use the elastic stack. Is there any way to calculate the index size of one day when a index has data from multiple days or weeks.

We want to design our indexes in a such a way that we should be able to measure the size of the index daily basis so that we can alert the micro services team on over use(example >=1GB logs or metrics data per day). Is there any known best practices for this.

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