Index Pattern refresh

It seems that with 7.11 release the Index Pattern refresh functionality has been replaced. However, I can't find anything in the manual, it seems still to be the old one where Refresh button was on the page. Could someone please point me to the right direction? Or how to do it from now on? Thanks.

Hi, welcome to the forums! Index patterns are now automatically refreshed. [Index patterns] Remove field cache by mattkime · Pull Request #82223 · elastic/kibana · GitHub


That is useful to know!!! i have spend an hour trying to find out what was going on here.. perhaps it would be nice to put something in the docs, since the 7.11 docs still show the refresh widget and mention you need to manually refresh

Apologies for the confusion and lost time. We're amending the release notes and the docs -


Thanks for the quick response, that's great.

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