Refresh Index not visible


I've been using ELK for almost a year now. Great Journey!
Currently, I can't seem to see the refresh option in Kibana after opening the index.
Only the delete icon is visible.

Any ideas, on what caused this or how I can refresh the index pattern? as some fields are not available for analysis in the dashboard.

hi @wickerman ,

did you upgrade to 7.11 or higher?

The refresh button is now removed. It should automatically detect changes to your index. Does a refresh of kibana-edit help?

Yes, the index pattern automatically refreshes starting in 7.11: What’s new in 7.11 | Kibana Guide [7.11] | Elastic

If you are missing fields then this means that your Elasticsearch mappings may not contain the fields you are looking for.


I didn't know the refresh button was removed. The auto-refresh works, I now realize I didn't see the fields because "hide missing fields" was activated by default. But it's hidden within "filter by type"

Solved the issue.

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