Index Pattern using latest date

To start, I am a noob and am working in the Kibana interface for the system my company setup so I have standard user type rights.

I have searched high and low and can't seem to find an answer to this. I have a bunch of indexes from daily imports that span the last 3 months. They are named idx_storage_all_date of import where the date of import is 2020.01.01, 2020.01.02, etc...

The index pattern i created was idx_storage_all* and it is great for time series charts.

I would like to have a pattern that grabs just the newest dated doc to report on the data as of the last import and cant seem to find out how to do this.

I tried using the last import as of a few days ago and when i go into the dash, it still shows data from that date and not yesterdays import.

I tried to use the time field at top of the dashboard and I cant figure out how to get the last date. I tried something like 1d-now and depending on the time of the last import I may miss it if it happened say an hour ago.

So basically I want to be able to get the most current import if that makes sense?

Can someone point me to some documentation that explains what I want to do as I am not finding it.



I don't think this is achievable with index patterns, but there might be other ways of doing this. I would have expected that the time range now-1d to now would be right for this: why isn't that working?

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