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I am writing a control to search over date_range fields ( and I saw that kibana doesn't recognize this data type. Is there any workaround?

Thank you

Hi Diogo, Kibana allows users to restrict searches by date via the time-picker in the top right corner. We're updating this to be more featureful and easier to use in Will this address your use case?

Hello @cjcenizal, thank you!!!

Actually I need to search over multiple date_range fields. I am working to solve this issue, but apparently the data_type is not known by kibana... The issue is:

Since I am learning a bit on kibana's internalsm I think that I will create some controls to handle date fields.

The validity field, on the image, is a date_range.

Thanks Diogo, you did the right thing by participating in that issue! You're engaging the right people there and that will be the right place for this discussion moving forward.

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