Index Patterns management

Hi Team!

Where I can learn more about Index Pattern Management ?
I'd like to know how I can group couple servers by indexes ( using Beats and ES ).
For example:
Server A, Server B and Server C ingest Logs into filebeat-ABC* index pattern.
Server D, Server F and Server G ingest Logs into filebeat-DFG* index pattern.
And the same idea for metrics, packages, heart beats logs.

Thanks! Mauricio

@Mauricio_Borges It seems that you already understand the basics - Index Patterns are simply wild card references to index names. Here are some docs -

How you wish to go about this will depend upon your particular needs.

Hope that helps.

Thanks Matt!
In fact, I'd like to know how I specify for an Edge System use specific index pattern at ES. For example, suppose we already have 2 indexes ( filebeat-ABC* and filebeat-DFG* ) at ES, then a new server born and I want install Filebeat to ingest log data at filebeat-DGF* index. How I setup this approach ? any setting on filebeat.yml entry to set before run "filebeat setup" ?
Thanks, Mauricio

For your example, the index pattern could simply be ‘filebeat-*’ and it would work without further configuration

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