Creating Index Patterns - 6.2.1

(Sandeep) #1

I have recently installed the 6.2.1 and trying to add index patterns but it is asking me to load some sample data before I create any index pattern. Is there any chance to skip this step? I have tried loading the sample data and later I have tried to add an index pattern filebeat-* but it does not allow me to create/add the pattern. I have filebeat running and active.

I used 5.6 earlier and it is easy to load the patterns. ( I have to make a fresh install because I really had hard time upgrading it from 5.6 to 6.x). Please help me out. Thank you.

(Matt Bargar) #2

What happens when you try to define a filebeat index pattern? Are you sure there are indices in ES that match the pattern you're trying to define?

(Sandeep) #3

I reverted back to 5.6.7 which is easy to create index patterns. Thanks for the followup tough!

(system) #4

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