Filebeat-* index pattern (Can´t find it!)

I´ve installed and configured ELK (elasticsearch, logstash, kibana, and filebeat) and they are up and running on localhost:ports. But when I try to create an index pattern in Kibana after uploading my .json it can´t find "filebeat-*".

I tried to add another index pattern that matches the source and I get one step further but when I try to add timefield using the list I get "Error Too Many Requests".

Why isn´t Kibana finding "filebeat-*"?


Hello @771M771

Which version of the stack are you using?

Try running GET /_cat/indices from kibana dev tools. What is the output?


Hi Matt.
Thanks for the fast response!

When I run GET /_cat/indices in dev tools i get this output:

green open apm-7.10.0-profile-000001        AA3s9M45RvO7h3AH7Csiog 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open apm-7.10.0-error-000001          EZOvMNRrTXu7U4xrPP5XiA 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open .apm-agent-configuration         VTMF6ecaQ_SGkbKm8MazMA 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open apm-7.10.0-metric-000001         wviQ5UJ4R-G7SKxbT_YSQw 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open .kibana_1                        gKazcIycRdOrICUXLSQp2g 1 1  9  1  20.7mb 10.3mb
green open .security-tokens-7               pPO3YnuSTJuct1u3FlrkQQ 1 1  1  0  19.3kb  9.6kb
green open apm-7.10.0-span-000001           mQNaGZ3jQD6vV-zr4zUF3Q 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open .security-7                      KW-r0_UZSMS2P-XbfNgI8g 1 1 56  1 292.5kb  146kb
green open .apm-custom-link                 shsL16-pS6aeMPvZsJrteQ 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open .kibana_task_manager_1           oFCDrFh_RMi9EIeSJ88mJg 1 1  6 21 171.1kb 98.6kb
green open apm-7.10.0-onboarding-2020.11.21 w4xAhu7iRc-EoNO1mXeCTg 1 1  1  0  14.8kb  7.3kb
green open apm-7.10.0-transaction-000001    BDRytNDmQLm1BnmMa8lftA 1 1  0  0    416b   208b
green open .kibana-event-log-7.10.0-000001  3hFc-vqJTH6tq9CiCLp50A 1 1  2  0  21.7kb 10.8kb

(I have no idea if I did this right...)

@771M771 You did it exactly right. I see a number of apm-* indices but I don't see any filebeat indices. Next step would be to look at the filebeat logs and figure out why data isn't being sent over.

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