Filebeat index pattern is not auto detected by Kibana

Hi ,
I have installed the filebeat my server,but in kibana the Index pattern is not auto detected.

Could you please post the following information here?

  1. Which version of Filebeat and Kibana are you running?

  2. Your complete filebeat.yml file, enclosed in ``` (so formatting/indentation is preserved correctly). Please make sure to redact any sensitive information before posting.

  3. What commands have you run after installing Filebeat?

  4. Are there any errors or warnings in the Filebeat log? If so, please post those lines here as well, again enclosed in ```.

Thank you so much for your response.
1 . Filebeat version is 6.8.3 and the ELK is 7.0
2. Yes
3. Just installed in the server,now trying to fetch the log in Kibana.
4.Yes error was there,pipeline id does not exists,Fixed that now,But still unable to create the index in Kibana.

@Deepa1 can you check if new indices created by Filebeat are present in Elasticsearch by running:
GET _cat/indices/${your_index_pattern_from_filebeat}

If you see your indices, then you can just create the index pattern in Kibana -> Management -> Index Patterns.

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