Index Patterns: usable for all viz. types?

(Mahilee) #1

Can anyone confirm if its possible to refer to Index Patterns (for their calculated fields) in visualization charts such as: vega, timelion, and visual builder?

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(Nathan Reese) #2

timelion scripted field support was added in 6.1.0

vega and visual builder do not support scripted fields yet

(Mahilee) #3

Hi @Nathan_Reese, Does this mean one needs to duplicate scripted field definitions per-visualization?

(Mahilee) #4

A further question on Index Pattern work arounds: Another feature that Index Patterns support is
formatting of the field code values retrieved from indexes...

Q: Perhaps there is an alternate way of doing this for visualizations that don't use Index Patterns, ideally centralising this without repeating on a per-visualization basis?

And/or what is the right approach for supporting different locale text translations of field values?

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