Index payload in watcher actions generates an exception and log shows up error for email which is not used in the watch

Hi..I created a watch which needs to update the index after performing few aggregations..But it generates an exception..When I have checked the elasticsearch log, it says


I haven't used email anywhere in my current watch program..When I execute the watch I get an exception. The following is the part of the watch which raises an exception

        "script": {
            "file": "hourly"
     "index" : {
          "index" : "agg",
          "doc_type" : "data"

The following is the exception that am getting

"reason": "ActionRequestVallidationException[Validation Failed : 1: no requests added]

I have provided a screenshot of the above exception..The complete watch is executed successfully except foe the last part whose code I have provided above and the watch output exception below..

I checked my log and it does shows error for email action which I haven't used anywhere in the watch..Why am getting the exception for ? Please help..Where is the mistake?

please do not provide screenshots, but real JSON snippets instead.

provide the output of the execute watch API or the watch history count, the supplied information is not sufficient.

It looks as if your transform script returns an empty array. You also need to provide that script for further debugging.

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