Index performance when indexing 80M document


I am nearly new to use elasticsearch, and I need to index aprox 80M
documents using the IndexManyAsync method, I am toward to batch the
documents, each will have 10000 docs and then add them to the index.
I read somewhere that I can do the indexing process on more than one
thread/parallel and even with more than one client, anyone could be able to
give me a rough idea in how to implement this in C#? I am using the .NET

Below is a code snippet on what I've done so far, just as a test on
Adventure DB.

for (var i = 0; i < noOfBatches; i++)

                   noOfItemsToSkip = i * numberOfItemsToTake;

                    var contentToIndex = 


                    bulkResponse = 

client.IndexManyAsync(contentToIndex, "contactstore", "contact");

await bulkResponse;

I am pretty sure that I am doing something wrong with awaiting only the
last task, any insight on this one? and how can I use more than one client!

Thanks in advance.

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