Index.refresh_interval:-1 does not appear to effect searching

I have recently setup Elastic Cloud using the offered AWS implementation.
I am adding a large amount of documents to the cluster at present so I thought that I would set the index.refresh_interval to -1 to improve the document insertion.

The document additions are being performed using Java's Spring Elastic Data framework.

If using java I SAVE a new document into a specified index (which is set to index.refresh_interval=-1s), after it is save, out of curiosity I did a search using Kibana with a search term that I know was in the newly added document. I unexpectedly got a search result back which included the newly added document.

I was not expecting to see that document, as I thought that setting index.refresh_interval=-1s would not make the document available to any searches, or am I getting this completely wrong?

Please help!

As per the documentation you are supposed to set it to -1 and not -1s. Check if that makes a difference.

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